ITACA & Femmepop Urban Spree, Berlin am 15.06.19

Samstag 15.06.19
Einlass: 21:00, Beginn: 22:00
Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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Berlin’s Italian Disco Duo numero uno, ITACA, Ireland’s finest new Electro dream FEMMEPOP,
and the Tribute to February Montaine Tribute Band are teaming up for a night of wonders
at Urban Spree, Berlin, and we’re ready to see the sun set and seducing synthesizers arise.
From Kitsch to llucid dreams, raffinesse to wild fun these three brilliant acts got it all covered.  


Wild cats, lost love stories and orange trees. And the midnight disco never stops to bring on lush rhythms from far away, all covered with that milky melancholic vibe, the one that leaves David Lynch sleepless in his sweaty small room in Roma Tiburtina.
Itaca is Disco from Germany to Italy, loved and praised by a growing and growing audience all over Europe.
It’s kitsch, it’s wonderful, and it’s so damn good to have them. The couple of Ossi Viola and Lo Selbo, who (thank God) fell in love in Rome and started a band together still manage to make our hearts melt and hands reach to the dancefloor night sky with their unbelievable mixture of Synth Pop, Schlager, Psychedelic Art and pure Italian-Berlin DIY spirit.
Live they are known for their dramatic stage charisma and playfulness.
And the best is yet to come: a full band setup is announced for their set at Urban Spree.

Building a bridge from Rome to Berlin never felt so utterly dancy, smooth and dreamy. 

„Throwing cheesy Italo Pop hooks into the mix with cool synth washes, and to top it all off, Italian lyrics, the duo created a genre fusiomn to make Adriano Celentano blush“-Exberliner


Think of a new electro wonder flying low, all the way from Ireland, to fill the world with her seducing sound, utmost exciting and irresistible poppy. You are very likely to think of Femmepop aka Margaret O’ Sullivan, „one of the best electro-pop acts in Ireland“ at the moment.
The Cocteau Twins and Mike Oldfield have been cited to get closer to her rich and witty sonic experiments, bold beats and dreamy cinematic excursions. But there's so much more to find in the layers of her sound.
Margaret O’ Sullivan follows and follows her path as an aspiring and visionary musician, writing, performing, producing and mixing her own work.
Now she is touring Europe, and along her Korg Minilogue Synthesizer she’ll bring the new EP „CYM“.
‘Suck It Up’ is a delightful feminist rallying call immersed in a cacophony of pulses, angelic voices and a cascading wall of edgy metallic sound before concluding with a classic synthy motif.  - The Electricity Club

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