AL BURIAN + OSKA WALD (Lesung / Konzert / Performance / Comicpräsentation) Fahimi Bar, Berlin am 28.05.19

Dienstag 28.05.19
Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 20:00
Fahimi Bar, Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin

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Der begnadete Comicartist und Illustrator Oska Wald, auch bekannt durch sein mittlerweile über zehnjähriges Schaffen mit der Berliner Garagerock Band Chuckamuck, tritt mit seinen Kumpel Al Burian auf (Wahlberliner aus Chicago. Musiker/Autor/Performer).  Al liest aus seinem aktuellen Buch NO APOCALYPSE: PUNK, POLITICS AND THE GREAT AMERICAN WEIRDNESS, Oska spielt Akustikversionen seiner Songs. Beide feiern sie den Release des drittenTeils ihres Comic Zyklus DEAN STREET (Text: Burian/ Bild: Wald), der an diesem Abend erscheinen wird.


An evening of songs, stories and audio-visual entertainment as these two prolific musicians/comic artists/zine makers present their newest works!

Al Burian, ex-Chicagoan and current Wahlberliner, reads from his new book, NO APOCALYPSE: PUNK, POLITICS AND THE GREAT AMERICAN WEIRDNESS, a collection of columns and miscellany from the early years of the new millennium. Seen through a retrospective lens, The 00's reveal themselves to have been a time of splendidly naive optimism: remember when we thought George W. Bush was the worst US president there could possibly be? Remember when the neighborhood seemed too crappy to ever get gentrified? Return to those carefree days, when the Y2K computer virus had just failed to happen and environmental collapse was still near-future science fiction.

The cover and interior art of NO APOCALYPSE was beautifully designed by Oska Wald, who will be on hand to perform a solo music set.

The evening also sees the release of DEAN STREET #3, the third installment in an epic comic book series (dare we say "serialized graphic novel?")  by Oska and Al.
The action in DEAN STREET also takes place in Chicago at the turn of the millennium, and deals with issues of gentrification and class, but from a more fictitious and fantastic angle.
Featuring a zany cast of characters, some unnerving supernatural occurrences, and the best rock show ever drawn.

Al Burian has released a dozen records with various bands, and is the author of five books, including a German translation and a graphic novel.
He has been doing spoken word/reading performances since 1999.

Oska Wald is the wildly charismatic frontman of Berlin garage-rock sensation Chuckamuck. He is editor of the comic book series KRILL and has been widely praised for his graphic novel adaptation of Richard Brautigan's "Dreaming of Babylon".

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