Tellavision "Add Land" Releaseshow Alex St Joan "Kick & Rise" EP Releaseshow Urban Spree, Berlin am 07.05.19

Dienstag 07.05.19
Einlass: 20:00, Beginn: 21:00
Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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"Add Land" Record Releaseshow

12. April 2019 Bureau B

Fee Kürten , Andreas Bonkowski, Robert Kretzschmar

Alex St Joan

"Kick & Rise" EP Releaseshow

3. Mai 2019 Zellephane Records


TELLAVISION for a decade Tellavision has been one of our most exciting sonic inventors, carving out her own inimitable style through her previous three albums, two EPs and countless tracks. New music abstractions echo against a backdrop of old Krautrock mechanical-motorik rhythms, allied to the physically gripping immediacy of techno and noise. Her concerts have consistently been nothing less than spectacular: she has sung and sampled beats from every imaginable and unimaginable variety of live percussion instruments; a loop station virtuoso, an engineer of a technically crafted musical "i" in which the innate and the alien mirror one another ad infinitum.
Tellavision has never sounded so immediate, so confident, so very much in the moment. This is her finest album to date.
"Drop utopia, / drop dystopia, / it's all here".

ALEX ST JOAN the Debut EP KICK & RISE (Zellephan Records) features four distinctive songs that discard the posturing of youth and lay down what it is to be an adult; vulnerable and fully accountable.
... "All of the things that you see as your failings are made up” is a contender for one of the most emotionally sharp lines of the year, yet it’s delivered with such hopeful romanticism one might be forgiven for not noticing the thorns amongst the flowers.
On the surface, the songs have a softness and beauty to them, brought about not only by the clarity of ALEX ST JOAN’s voice, but through an underlying thread of compassion. At the same time, they share an edge and unflinching candour that can only come about when you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. These are adult dilemmas; not boy meets girl, but woman meets morality, agency, self-actualisation.


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