Dreams of Neon pres. Italo Disco Legacy Movie Screening + Party Humboldthain Club, Berlin am 27.07.18

Freitag 27.07.18
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr (Movie Screening) | 22:00 Uhr (Party)
Humboldthain Club, Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin

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Movie on big screen in the garden: 20:00h | Party on 2 floors: 22:00h

Line up:

  • Italoconnection *LIVE (Disco Modernism, Bordello A Parigi)
  • Fred Ventura + Paolo Gozzetti
  • Tero Männikkö (Disco Obscura)
  • Lazercat (Bordello A Parigi)
  • Naks (Vortex Traks, Humboldthain)
  • Toni Clarke (Das Zündet, Humboldthain)
  • Undermind (Humboldthain)
  • Pengi (Welcome To Rimini)

About the Movie:

The film is a journey into the past and the future of Italo Disco music through the stories of the original 80's heroes and cult DJs and the voice
of a new generation of artists, radio broadcasters and fans ready to carry on the Italo Disco Legacy.

Featuring rare and original 80s footage, live takes and interviews with Fred Ventura, Rago & Farina, Flemming Dalum, Steen Gjerulff (Body Electric), The Hacker, DJ Hell, Alexander Robotnick, Scotch, Albert One, Ken Laszlo, Martinelli, P. Lion, Koto, Brian Ice, Fancy, Brand Image, Marcello Catalano, Linda Jo Rizzo, Italove, Surf Dancer, Roberto Turatti, Sandro Codazzi, Da- niele Baldelli, Beppe Loda, Marcello D'Azzurro, I-F, Otto Kraanen (Bordello a Parigi), Intergalactic Gary, David Vunk, Alden Tyrell, DJ Overdose, Tero & Kristiina Männikkö, Gwen De Bats (Radio Stad Den Haag), Mark du Mosch, Black Devil Disco Club, Francisco, Lorenzo Cibrario (Red Gallery London).

The world premiere of “Italo Disco Legacy” took place in Berlin on 11 Ja- nuary 2018 at the legendary Berghain club. The film has been released on a limited edition DVD along with a double vinyl soundtrack compilation by the German label Private Records and the Italian label M.C.L. (Musica di un Certo Livello)

TEASER: https://vimeo.com/241374988

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